Free Crypto From XEN

XEN Crypto is a free mint crypto. This was developed by Jack Levin (an early engineer).
XEN cryptocurrency is Free as it does not require participants to deposit any funds to start minting their XEN crypto.
XEN starts with zero supply and will only be minted by the participating community.
XEN does not have a maximum cap on the supply, is inflationary in the beginning, becoming disinflationary as adoption increases.
XEN is a digital asset which has no backing by investors or starts with any intrinsic value.
XEN is immutable, and can not be changed or stopped by anyone. With its open source code it is truly trustless through consensus and belongs to the people.

NOTE: If you choose the ETH network to mint your free XEN, it will cost a little in gas fees.

Click here to mint free XEN Crypto.

NOTE: you will need to create a wallet if you don’t already have one through Trustwallet or Metamask.

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