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A Detailed HappyCoin Review: Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, chances are, you’re interested in learning more about the newly launched cryptocurrency called Happycoin.

Launched in 2021, Happycoin is relatively new to the crypto world but there’s a lot to like about this coin. This will be complimented by the details that are going to be shared in this article.

While the name aside just provides a good feeling about this crypto, there’s a lot more to it than that as you’ll find by continuing to navigate the details ahead.

HappyCoin: What Is It?

Happycoin crypto is among the top trending crypto projects that have been making a buzz in the cryptocurrency arena. Launched on April 20, 2021, this community token is a BEP-20 coin on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The primary direction and purpose of this crypto is to aid organizations in fighting against mental health issues.

According to the project’s team, the initial aim was to support one organization each week with funds from the charity wallet. However, because of the present market conditions, a decision was made to make monthly donations instead.

The team believed that this would allow them to still make enough donations to keep their mission going. As of writing, the project has donated a total of $190k in two months since its inception.

At its core, Happycoin is a community token, and as such, it relies on its holders’ support. The project, through different ventures, has been able to continue making an impact every month, even during questionable market conditions. Aside from the large reward for its holders, it has merch, an accessible swap platform, and its own NFT marketplace. Another venture for the token in the coming month is community crowdfunding.

Tokenomics of HappyCoin

In this section, we’ll cover the tokenomics of this new cryptocurrency. The initial supply of Happycoin is 1,000,000,000, out of which 30% were burned. Additionally, 5 percent of the initial supply is reserved for the charity wallet.

It’s also worth pointing out that Happycoin operates almost the same way as Safemoon or Bonfire. That’s because it also taxes 10 percent on all transactions, be it buy or sell.

Again, this ten percent is further divided into two parts, where token holders receive a 5 percent reward. The other 5 percent is added back to liquidity, where 2.5 percent is used to finance the project. Finally, the charity wallet gets the remaining 2.5 percent, which is then used to make donations.

Happycoin Price

As of writing, Coinmarketcap, a major crypto tracking site, lists the Happycoin price at $0.0000000148. In addition, the 24h trading volume of this newly launched crypto is $61,191.55.

How to Buy Happycoin?

In this section, we’ll provide you with a simple step-by-step guide to help you buy Happycoin safely. So, let’s get started!

 Step 1. Download Trustwallet

Happycoin is available on multiple crypto exchanges.

But, unlike some major cryptocurrencies, you can’t buy it directly with fiat currency. However, you can do so using BSC or BNB. An easy option to do this is by using a cryptocurrency wallet like Trustwallet.

Once you download Trustwallet, you’ll then have to set up your wallet. To do that, you’ll have to click on “Create a new wallet,” following which you’ll be asked to back up the wallet. You’ll then see twelve words for wallet recovery (make sure you write them down and keep it safe) This is your private key. Lose this and you’ll never be able to access your wallet again so it’s super important that you keep this private and keep it safe and off of the internet. Next, click on Continue and enter the recovery phrase for verification, and your wallet is all set.

Step 2. Register on a Crypto Exchange

Next, you’ll have to transfer over BSC or BNB to your wallet to get your Happycoin. And for this, you’ll have to go to a crypto exchange where you can purchase them or already have some. If you don’t have an account on such exchanges yet, Binance is a great option. Once you create your Binance account, get your hands on some BNB tokens. Note that having the Binance coins will also allow you to use Pancakeswap.

Step 3. Withdraw Your BNB

After purchasing your BNB, you’ll have to withdraw your BNB and transfer it over to your Trustwallet. To do that, go to the bottom right corner in Binance and navigate to the Wallets menu. You’ll then have to select BNB and click on Withdraw.

Next, you’ll have to fill in some fields, including your wallet address. So, head over to Trustwallet, click on the Wallet tab and select Smart Chain. Then, click on receive to get your deposit address, which you can copy. Now, head back to Binance, and paste it in the address field.

After entering the deposit address, click on Network, and set it to BEP-20 (BSC). Finally, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and it’ll be wired to your Trustwallet in a few minutes.

Step 4:  Add Happycoin to Your Trustwallet

Once you have BNB in your Smart Chain wallet, you’ll have to connect Happycoin to your crypto wallet. To do that, you’ll have to go to Happycoin’s website (thehappycoin.co/buy) and copy the contract address. After copying the contract ID, you can use it to connect Happycoin to Trustwallet and start the purchasing process.

Next, you’ll have to go to Pancakeswap using the DApp browser on your Trustwallet. Once you head to Pancakeswap, select the connect button, navigate through the wallet menu and select Trustwallet. Open Trustwallet again by clicking on pen. You’ll then notice a WalletConnect on the Trustwallet app, where you have to click on connect. Finally, your Trustwallet will be connected to PancakeSwap.

Step 5. Purchase Your Happycoin

Now, you’ll have to add the currency to the Pancakeswap exchange. To do that, you’ll have to click on select currency and enter the same Happycoin contract address.

Next, set your slippage tolerance to 12% and then enter how much BNB you wish to transfer over to Happycoin. Once you’re satisfied with the exchange rate, confirm the transaction. Finally, your Happycoin crypto will appear in your wallet.

The process with image illustrations is also available on the happycoin official website as well.

Is HappyCoin Legit?

The only way to confirm whether this new crypto is legit is by having it audited by a 3rd party. The Happycoin crypto has been audited once by Dessert Finance, a major crypto auditing company. According to its results, the newly launched project appears to be legit.

Moreover, the official website of the crypto also reveals the identities of its management team. In addition, it has locked liquidity, which means the coins are un-ruggable.

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